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Birthday Charades  
Birthday Charades
What do Old Farts, Sassy Sheilas, Hippie & City Chicks all have in common? Everyone loves charades! It’s silly, crazy, and side splitting fun and now it’s instantly printable!

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You're playing charades and you've just drawn the clue, "Golden Egg" ... a simple phrase, really.

Now, close your eyes and think about how you would act it out.

Playing charades is impossible to do without side-splitting fun. Even a simple phrase can create some really interesting acting! And if you really want to heat things up with a saucy charades game, play Gender Bender or Shameless Charades!

This friendly, slightly competitive game always delivers. Birthday Charades is designed especially with phrases for adult birthdays; phrases having to do with birthday wishes, life events, and fun surprises that happen with every new year.

Charades can be played in teams or as individuals. Complete instructions are included. Play men versus women, younger versus older, or however you'd like.

One thing is for sure, your friends will roar with laughter as you act out these fun phrases designed for adult birthdays.

What Comes with my Printable Birthday Charades Game?

  • 100 Printable Charades Cards
  • How to Play Charades Instructions

Charades Cards

Playing charades is as easy as a touch of a button. You can print and play today.

These attractively designed cards can be printed on card stock, or regular paper and cut with scissors or a paper cutter.

To make it even easier, print them on perforated business card stock compatible with Avery 8371, available at any office supply store, many Wal-marts, and online. Printing the charades cards on card stock will keep you from having to cut them, and they will look great too.

How to Play Charades In Teams at a Party

Charades is typically played in teams. There are many different versions of the game. You can play with your own house rules, or the Charades rules listed here.

Divide your party into two groups. Place the charades cards face down on a table. Flip a coin to decide which team goes first.

A player from the first team draws a card and doesn't show it to any other players. He or she acts out the phrase without speaking. The player has 60 seconds to get his or her team to guess the phrase on the card.

A correct guess by the team counts one point. If they cannot figure out what the phrase is by the time 1 minute is up, the opposing team wins the point!

The second team now has a chance. Teams take turns acting out phrases and collecting points. When all the cards have been played, the team with the highest score wins.
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