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Bridal Shower Charades  
Bridal Shower Charades
Just picture it, the mother-in-law of the bride just drew a charades card with the phrase, "chicken or fish". She can't say a word; all she can do is flap her wings chicken-style. Get ready to laugh all the way to the alter!

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Sure you can play bridal charades without cards, but staying on theme can be difficult; keep it simple! Our cute bridal charades cards will get everyone in the spirit of celebrating the new nesters.

Just picture it, the mother-in-law of the bride to be just drew a charades card with the phrase, "chicken or fish". She can't say a word, but chances are she'll have a hard time trying not to laugh as she flaps her wings chicken-style.

Charades is a roaring good time, and a great way to inject a serious dose of laughter into a bridal shower. Break the ice in a light-hearted way with a bridal shower game that's a classic.

Bridal shower charades comes with 100 printable charades card phrases. Save cutting the cards apart by printing on perforated business card stock Avery 8371 available at office supply and box stores. Or, simply print, cut, fold, and place the charades phrases in bowl.

How to Play Bridal Charades

Charades is a popular game that's been played for ages. Since it's one of the oldest games in the book, many people have developed their own "house rules". If you have your own house rules, go for it. Otherwise, here's how it's played.

Typically, charades is played in teams. Teams take turns earning points. One player from a team draws a charades phrase.

The player must act out the phrase without speaking. Her team has 60 seconds to try and guess the phrase. If they guess correctly, they win a point. If they can't guess within 60 seconds, the opposing team earns 1 point.

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