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Deal 'n' Steal Christmas Trivia Game  
Deal 'n' Steal Christmas Trivia Game
Ever wonder where Christmas legends are born? Right here! Discover the wonder of Christmas with amusing facts and folklore that’s sure to put a smile on your face!

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Find the answers to baffling questions, Christmas folklore and Christmas history:
  • Why does Santa have reindeer instead of polar bears?
  • Why must all of Santa's reindeer be female?
  • Why does Santa come down the chimney?
  • What inspired the legend of Santa filling stockings with goodies and toys?
  • What’s the diameter of largest snowflake ever recorded?
  • What does St. Nicholas Day commemorate?
  • And where was St. Nicholas born?
Learn fun facts about the winter season, Christmas traditions around the world, details about traditional Christmas songs, and silly facts about the legend of Father Christmas or Santa Claus and his inspiration, St. Nicolas.

Our Christmas trivia game can be used as a Christmas table trivia cards for a cocktail party, or a sit-down card game for 4 to 10 players.

For use as an icebreaker, simply print out the cards on card stock and cut them out. Or, print them on Avery 8371 business-card stock to avoid cutting. Place them on coffee tables, end tables or counter tops. Guests will feel free to pick them up, read them, and strike up a conversation!

Our Christmas trivia game includes a mix of funny and interesting trivia questions to entertain a variety of guests. Guests will find the conversation is much easier with a topic to get them started ... and what better topic at a Christmas party than Christmas fun facts?!

What Comes with the Deal ’n’ Steal Christmas Trivia Game?

  • 110 funny and interesting printable Christmas trivia cards
  • 1 printable decorative pillow box for card storage
  • Additional "Steal and Deal" cards for the sit-down card game
  • Printable instructions for the sit-down card game

How to Play our Christmas Trivia Game

For use as a sit-down party game, there’s an additional page with letter cards, "steal" cards and "pass" cards.

This trivia game accommodates 4 to 10 players. Print out the trivia cards (pages 5 to 15). Print on perforated Avery 8371 available at office supply store, or print on card stock and cut out.

Be sure to select exactly which pages you want to print! Consider how many players will play. Print page 4 (with the "pass", "steal" and letter cards) once for every two players. So if you have 10 players, print the page 5 times. You’ll need pen and paper for scoring the game. Place the deck of trivia cards face down in the center of the table. Give each player an A card, B card, C card, "Pass" card and "Steal" card.

Players take turns drawing trivia cards and reading the questions and the possible answers aloud to the other players. The correct answer is underlined on the cards. The reader does not reveal which is the right answer at this time.

Each player places their bet on which answer is correct by laying down an A, B or C card face down. They can also lay down a pass or steal card (face down also).

The reader doesn’t bet. The reader then reads the correct answer. Players turn their cards face up and the score keeper notes the scores.

Those players who answered correctly receive one point. If they got the answer incorrect, they lose one point. For easy play, don’t allow anyone’s score to drop below 0. Players may use a "Pass" card once during the game. If they lay down the card, they won’t lose a point, but they forfeit their pass card.

A player may steal an answer from the player to their right. To do this, the player lays down the "Steal" card face down. If the person to the stealer’s right answers the question correctly, the stealer gets one point and the person whose point was stolen loses a point.

A player can only steal once during the entire game. If the answer is incorrect, the stealer loses one point, and the person from whom the answer was stolen gains one point. After all the cards are played, scores are tallied. The winner is the one with the highest score.

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Christmas trivia is one of the printable Christmas party games that's fun for both adults and children. It's a rare find!

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Silvi - 11/21/2014

Sure there was some fun Christmas trivia to learn from these cards, but there were some really silly "facts." These were really what made my guests crack up. We got the Party Talk cards too and just mixed them in all together. We didn't play the game ... ...

Great Christmas Party Trivia

Brenda - 12/03/2012

The cards worked out great for our adult Christmas party. Thanks for your help. I didn't really play the game, I just had the cards sitting on a table during the party and everyone had a fun time just picking them up and asking each other the questions. T...

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