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Gender Bender Adult Charades Game  
Gender Bender Adult Charades Game
Have you been paying attention to just how the opposite sex acts and thinks? That extra attention may win you some big points in the game of Gender Bender!

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Gender Bender is a hilarious game of stereotypes and charades all wrapped into one! If pushing the envelope on funny charades games is your idea a fun time (it is for us!), Gender Bender or even Shameless Charades are the perfect printable party games for you!

There are two teams: the men and the women.

Charades cards are laid face down, or if you’ve printed this game on plain copy paper, the cards are folded and placed in a bowl.

Play begins with the females (ladies first). A player from the ladies' team draws a card. Each card contains a phrase that is stereotypically male or female. In addition, the card has either a male symbol with blue coloring or a female symbol with pink coloring.

As in charades, the player acts out the phrase without giving any verbal cues. Players from either team may attempt to guess the phrase on the card.

How Points Are Earned

The team gains one point for guessing the phrase correctly and a bonus point if the phrase is guessed by a member of the same sex as the symbol printed on the card.

For example, if the card's phrase is feminine such as "Wedding Dress", the symbol will be the opposite: the blue male symbol.

If a player from the men's team guesses "Wedding Dress" before a player from the women's guesses correctly, his team gets 2 points: 1 point for guessing correctly and 1 bonus point because the male symbol was on the card.

If the phrase were guessed correctly by a player from the ladies' team, then only 1 point would be earned since the symbol on the card was a male symbol. If no one guesses correctly, neither team gets points.

A player from each team has 60 seconds to act out the phrase on the card. After a member of the female team plays, a member of the male team takes his turn, then back to the female team and so forth.

Short play: the first team to earn 25 points wins the game. Long play: act out all 120 cards.

NOTE: there are an equal number of cards for males and females on each sheet. To play a shorter game, you'll want a fewer number of cards. To do this, select fewer pages before separating the cards so that male and female cards will be distributed evenly.

What Comes with the Gender Bender Adult Charades Game?

  • 120 Printable Gender Bender Playing Phrase Cards
  • Complete Game Instructions
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    Excellent fun time

    Gina Fox - 11/18/2013

    I took all of my male employees for a weekend away for fun and relaxation to help remove the stress of our everyday jobs.

    Our first night at the hotel was planned after a great dinner to enjoy each other playing charades, then the next day the shooting...

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