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Shameless Charades  
Shameless Charades
Loose Lips? Perfect! What never used to be a good thing will rack up the point in this game! Saucy, yet shameless...(sort of), this printable party game gives a whole new meaning to charades!

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This saucy, adult charades game uses euphemisms to hint at what "nice" lips wouldn't say out loud! Nothing too naughty here, it’s relatively Shameless; of course!

There's no need to think up clever, funny charades phrases, be a brainiac or even know what a euphemism is. Shameless Charades is an effortless printable party game that you can print and play right away.

If you're wondering...
What is a euphemism anyway? Euphemisms are those nice little phrases people make up to avoid saying "naughty" words.

What Comes With Shameless Charades?

  • 120 saucy charades phrases similar to: "Snake Charmer", "Blowing Off Steam", and "Swinging Both Ways". Print on plain paper or Avery 8371 to avoid cutting.
  • Complete Game Instructions.
No dirty words here! But still, you might find cause to blush! It's all in good fun.

For more printable charades games laughs, try out Gender Bender...the fun continues!

How to Play Shameless Charades

There are several variations of how to play charades. You don't have to use the official charades rules, you can use your own house rules and play as individuals rather than on teams, but teams will make it more competitive.

Playing Charades With Teams
Divide your party into two or three groups that will compete against each other. A team member from one team pulls a slip of paper from a bowl (or hat, or whatever). He or she acts out the phrase without using any words, only hand or body gestures.

Team members try to guess the phrase by yelling it out loud. Set a time limit of 3 to 5 minutes per charade phrase (you can make your time limit less depending on the crowd). If the team of the person acting out the phrase guesses correctly, they receive one point.

The next team then draws a card and tries to earn a point by guessing correctly. Each team takes the same amount of turns trying to act out the phrase. If you're playing with pre-printed cards, decide how many cards you'll put into the bowl. For three teams you may want to have 30 cards (ten per team) or more. The team with the highest score wins.

Playing Charades as Individuals
To play charades as individuals, each person competes against all other players. You may keep score or simply do it for fun.

The host is the first person to act out a charades phrase. If you're keeping score, the person who guesses correctly gets a point as well as the person who acted the phrase. If no one guesses correctly, no points are earned and the person acting out the phrase selects someone else at the party to act out a different phrase.

If a player guesses a shameless charades phase correctly he or she takes the next turn drawing a phrase and acting it out. This continues until all the phrases are completed. The person with the highest score wins.
Common Hand Gestures in Charades
  • Book Title: Place your hands together in praying position and open them as if they are the covers of a book.
  • Movie: Indicate a movie camera by creating a circle (or lens) with one hand. Look through the lens and with the other hand make a cranking motion as if you're winding film.
  • Television Show: Make a box with your fingers.
  • Person: Stand like Napoleon, with one arm tucked into your shirt at the chest.
  • Sounds Like: Tug your ear.
  • Quotation or Phrase: Make air quotes with your index and middle fingers.
  • Number of Words in a Phrase: Hold up the number of fingers that are in the phrase. Next, hold up the number of fingers indicating the position of the word in the phrase you'll be acting out. For example, hold up four fingers then two fingers to indicate the second word in a four-word phrase.
  • Long Word: Pinch your thumb and forefinger together then spread them apart.
  • Short Word: Pinch your thumb and forefinger together.
  • Team Guesses Correctly: Touch your finger to your nose.
  • Team is Getting Hot (Almost Guessing Correctly): Wipe your hand across your forehead as if you're hot.
  • Team is Getting Cold (Guessing Incorrectly): Cross your arms across over your chest and shiver as if you're cold.
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